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March 29, 2018

Hi! My name is Scarlett, and I am a life-lover, a traveller and a game-player of 80 level:)

My favorites are adventure games of all kinds. I like to dive into secrets and to unravel the mysteries. I adore discovering new opportunities of my characters and trying different roles in dangerous circumstances. I have always been drawn by switching contrasting roles and landscapes.

Why do I love adventure games so much? It’s all because I am in a constant search of sharp sensations and the extreme in life. I adore travelling, but genuinely you don’t have as much time as you wish to go abroad. So after a tough workday, I don’t take a plain to a tropical resort, I just do my best to relax in a fictional world, where I can find palms, forests, and ocean views as well.


After a game mission is completed, I feel content and calm. Proved by me, you can forget a work routine and the household troubles with the help of adventures. And you can even become a more purposeful person because you get used to setting a goal and solving the problems which distract from its achieving.

Advising adventure games to my colleagues, helping them complete missions, communicating on forums with other players finally led me to the idea of creating a blog. I decided to dedicate it to my main temptation – the adventure games. I make reviews on the latest releases and some old good games as well, which I test myself looking for the fresh features, pros and cons of these apps.

The name of my blog is not incidental. Eat, Pray, Game is a reminiscence of my favorite movie Eat, Pray, Love. Both names are dedicated to searching yourself by changing different activities. In the case of my blog, “Eat” is about feeding your mind with all needed information about the games; “Pray” is about finding the spirit of a game, which would lead you through the complicated missions; “Game” is about the total commitment to a game, which you selected.

I think the games become the part of our lives. So selecting the best ones would serve your entertainment and self-development as well. Choosing from the thousands of available games is a tough row to hoe, so you need a guide to the world of adventures.

Don’t start a game without reading its description or a review on it. It’s like to go on a wild goose chase. You should understand, if the conditions and the spirit of the game suit you, so better learn them before you start playing.

In my articles on this blog, you can find a kind of manual to the games. It will ease you a task of selecting a perfect adventure for you.

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