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March 29, 2018

Eat, Pray, Game offers you the best services that will be useful for the beginners and advanced game players, and game developers as well. Select the service needed and feel free to ask me all the questions that you are interested in. Here on my blog, I present three blocks of services.

  1. Game reviews.
  2. Let’s plays.
  3. Bug reports.

Let’s quickly find out how these features can be helpful to you.

Game reviews

The history of the adventure games numbers is the decades of development. I can confidently say that I played hundreds of computer adventures. The old and the legendary ones are on the top of my list. Mystery House (1980), King’s Quest (1984),  Enchanted Scepters (1984), Portopia Serial Murder Case (1985), Reviver: The Real-Time Adventure (1987), Imitation City (1987), Myst (1993). I can continue the list of my favourite vintage games to infinity.

But in my blog, I decided to post only on modern adventure games. The latest releases are my priority. My game reviews are based on:

  • My passion and an excellent understanding of adventure games.
  • Grammar rules adherence.
  • High productivity (can write from 5 to 10 articles per week, not less than 500 words each).
  • Thorough research of a topic.
  • Creating original posts.
  • An eye for detail.
  • Keeping up with the trends and the latest news in the gaming world.

If you wish to see the game review on my blog, you can write me with an appropriate offer. Below you can see a price-list for a standard game review.

  1. Game review from 500 to 1000 words – up to $15.
  2. Game review from 1000 to 1500 words – up to $25.
  3. Game review from 1500 to 4000 words – up to $35.

In my articles I consider:

  • The story of game’s creation.
  • The plot and the characters.
  • Video graphics.
  • Special features.
  • Usability.
  • Strong and weak sides or any other aspects.

In the game reviews by Eat, Pray, Game you’ll find accessible information, comprehensible for a wide range of users and game players.

Let’s plays

Talking about a game while playing is one of the most popular genres of reviews nowadays. In a simple and clear form of a video, the users get descriptive information about the game needed. Why not acquire new knowledge and have some fun at the same time? Let’s plays give you the advantage to see the game with your own eyes and to estimate its opportunities and benefits.

My Let’s Plays experience is rather tremendous. So if you are a real fan of this genre, then you just found the right person to review your favorite games.

  1. Let’s play from 5 to 10 minutes – up to $35.
  2. Let’s play from 10 to 15 minutes – up to $45.
  3. Let’s play from 15 to 25 minutes – up to $55.

Do your best in the games after watching Let’s Plays. Doing that is the only right method to catch up with the game quickly and fun. Personal frustration and witty jokes are included in the total price:)

Bug reports

Looking for the defects (aka bugs) is a deviation from the expected result of a program. Bugs are usually can be found in different kinds of software (games among them). Defects are detected at the software testing stage by comparing the results of the program (component or design) with the expected result described in the requirements specification.

As an experienced game player, I decided to explore a world of game testing. And now finding bugs on the stage of game development is one of my services.

I am looking for bugs in the games which you send me for testing. Then create a bug report which includes all the information about the bug itself (short description, severity, priority, etc.), and the conditions of the deviation. In my bug reports you will find:

  • Brief description of the problem.
  • The application component (in which the defect occurred).
  • Version (the version of the build in which the bug was found).
  • Severity (grading the degree of influence on the application).
  • Priority (bug fixing queue).
  • Status (displays the status of the bug in its life cycle).
  • Purpose (who should correct the defect).
  • Actual result (the result of which we come after performing all the playback steps).
  • Expected result.

Select a service required and contact me via email: Eat, Pray, Game is going to fulfill your game experience with a fresh sip of new impressions.


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